A simply reliable driving school.

The truth is, nowadays, honesty is a rare characteristic to find in a driving school. However, in the small town of Sóller, one driving school is still providing reliable teaching, as they have for more than 35 years. Branding    |    Graphic design    |    Web design
About the Project
Modernizing a 35 year old company

This is a long-standing company and they had been doing just fine for the moment, however I thought they desperately needed an update as they weren't communicating what makes them different from competing companies. For starters, they didn't even have a website. In addition they were lacking of anything close to branding strategy and on top of it their current logo had never been updated in 30 years.

Given that situation, it was easy for me to offer some help. Starting with a basic branding strategy, including an upgraded logo and a new corresponding visual style. Secondly, I created a modest website, which is still in progress. I've also provided some advice regarding the branding strategy, for instance how should they communicate and promote themselves to the potential customers.

Some little big changes

The most important improvement has been their self-awareness about their main strength, which is honesty. This happens to be unusual as many driving schools in the area advertise tricky low priced services with hidden additional costs, which means more hassle and uncertainty for the customer.

The new website now gives them proper visibility, appearing in first place on search engines and providing useful information to the existing and potential customers. The re-style helped them to change the way they were perceived, leaving their dated image behind and now looking more attractive for their most common customers -teenagers- but maintaining and promoting their quality service and reliability which tends to engage their parents as well as older clients.

In short, it's still a bit too soon to know how much these changes will affect their business, but in the short term they will surely provide more awareness of what their philosophy is among local teenagers and will help to transmit more reassurance to their parents.

Here's a selection my work

Here's a link to their website, which again is quite modest but it already reflects their new visual style.

I've also included below the logo I designed for them together with their old logo, so you can have a better idea of what has changed.

Launch Website
Before logo
After logo