A Spanish sports food company.

Committed to helping people improve their sports performance, their well-being and their quality of life, while always taking care of their health. Marketing    |    Branding    |    Graphic design    |    Web design
About the Project
An early opportunity to reactivate a static start-up

The company had already been working for a few years, offering top quality products, but it was still not very well known. Their modest budget was limiting them and boosting their visibility happened to be a tough challenge.

I joined the company as Marketing Manager. From the first moment I felt the project had a lot of potential and they were working great together as a team. The product was great too, so we only needed to overcome the budget obstacle.

We decided to bet on social networks as the main advertising media, optimize the website and create a new branding strategy to bring integrity into the project. They were already using social media for advertising, however they lacked coherence and a unified visual style so they weren't displaying a strong brand personality.

A year of record growth

The plan worked great, the company not only had a record profit, we also achieved over a 40% increase on followers and about a 50% increase on visits to our website. In addition, the new strategy delivered great feedback from both the customers and the retail stores.

I would also like to highlight that all of the retail stores -including online retailers- loved the new branding strategy and philosophy and have become great brand ambassadors. This also helped to look more attractive for professional and amateur sports clubs which now represent one of the greatest sources of income.

Besides working as a full stack designer, my main contributions to the project were a new branding strategy, including the creation of a new claim and the production of audio-visual content for social networks.

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Here's a selection my work

I invite you to visit the website. Even though I did not generate it, I'm responsible for optimizing it, as it used to display many functioning errors and had poor usability. I designed and developed new sections such as "team" and "blog".

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