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About the project
An upgrade to my family's restaurant marketing strategy

My family have been running Béns d'Avall Restaurant since 1971. A lot has changed since then, but I thought they weren't properly communicating what the main spirit of the company was.

That's why I decided to help them enhance their marketing and branding strategies, so the potential clients would know what the experience of eating at the Béns d'Avall really means.

Creating a new color scheme, unifying the graphic design style, consolidating the communication personality of the brand, improving their social media strategy... these and many other subtle changes were necessary to accomplish a truly consistent experience.

Welcome to the pure Balearic cuisine.

A greater awareness about their philosophy and tradition helped them to clearly position themselves as a restaurant with a great respect towards local products and recipes. The notable increase of newer and younger customers visting the restaurant is a clear indicator of this change. In addition, they received excellent feedback from returning customers.

My main contribution to this change has been the new branding strategy. Their brand was already strong as a result of 40 years of work and thousands of delighted customers, but they didn't have control over what the experience of eating there meant for the clients. Now everything they do has a common purpose so everybody receives the same message. I've also provided support on social media to enhance its use for advertising and creating a community around the restaurant.

Here's a selection my work

Please visit the website. It is quite special to me because this was the very first website I fully designed and developed. I've updated a few things since then but it is almost exactly as it was when I created it in 2016.

I've included below a few items I recently designed for the restaurant. Also, you can have a look at some more of my work on Béns d'Avall Facebook.

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